The HOTTEST real estate show in Richmond!  #804realestateLIVE! 

Airs LIVE! on Facebook every Monday night at 7pm EST...

and on 11/1/2017 - it's coming to broadcast TV on the CW Richmond!

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So what is #804realestateLIVE!

#804realestateLIVE! is a show put on by our brokerage - #804realestate every Monday night on our Facebook page.  The show, hosted by Kevin Randesi (and other agents on occasion) features various types of guest from all types of industries - from investors, builders, loan officers, hard-money lenders, home inspectors, termite inspectors, small-business owners, tax professionals, attorneys, etc. - anybody that you'd want to connect with in real estate and other professions!

Speaking of connecting - you can do exactly that on Monday night!  The show goes approx. 1/2 hour with the last portion of the show dedicated to YOU the audience.  Audience members who view the LIVE! broadcast can chat in their questions in the Facebook chat box - and we'll ask them on the air - as long as they're not offensive in any manner.

Check out the excitement every Monday night at 7pm EST LIVE! on the #804realestate Facebook page!