​​​The Background Behind 804 Real Estate, LLC:

804 Real Estate, LLC was started in 2013 by the Principal Broker - Kevin Randesi.  

Kevin has a diverse background.  Growing up, both of Kevin's parents were self-employed entrepreneurs as the owned several bowling centers in upstate NY.  In 1996, Kevin moved with his family down to Richmond, VA where he has resided since. 

Kevin holds a Bachelors of Science degree from Virginia Commonwealth in Accounting - a degree he obtained in 2004.  In 2006, he went back to VCU to get the needed coursework to obtain his real estate license.  He's worked in the corporate accounting world - a key trait that would help him later mold 804 Real Estate into the company it is today.  

In real estate, Kevin had previously worked under legendary broker Joann Criss with Real Estate Professionals in Richmond.  One of the brokers' in the office, Scott Powell, mentored Kevin from 2010-2012 and encouraged Kevin to start his own company - which Kevin would go on and do in 2013.  

The Office:

When Kevin started 804 Real Estate in 2013, he ran the business out of his home-office in northern Henrico County.  Business boomed in 2013 along with 2014 and then 2015!  In 2015, Kevin made the decision to buy an office for his growing company and in 2016 - it happened.

The office is located on 11 Rodman Road | Richmond, VA 23224.  The office is a stand-alone residential home converted to office use.  You can read about the purchase by clicking here.

The office offers agents opportunities to work in a relaxed home environment with a full-service great room, kitchen, refreshments, and office space (both inside and outside).  Parking is easily accessible through various on-site parking spaces.  

Handicap access is in the rear of the building with one dedicated handicapped parking spot.  The rear handicap ramp was dedicated to Scott Powell - the former associate broker of 804 Real Estate who passed away in 2016 after a lengthy illness.     

The Work Environment:

Many real estate offices resemble high amounts of tension/drama similar to a bar-room brawl or an episode of Jerry Springer.  Not at 804 Real Estate!  Our agents are selected with honesty, ethics, hard-work, and sociability as some of the key traits we look for when bringing on agents.

Agents in our office get along with each other with everyone's success in mind.  Our agents are available to help each other and to offer guidance whenever possible.  

The Vision:

Kevin's vision for 804 Real Estate, LLC is simple.  For agents, he wants to give his agents the best opportunities to succeed!  In terms of commissions - his philosophy is simple:  if you worked for it, you should be able to keep it!  That's why his commission plan is the most agent-friendly compensation plan in the Central Virginia region.  For clients - it is also simple.  His vision is to deliver the best possible customer service to our clients - as real-estate purchases are usually the most important purchases that any homebuyer will make in their lifetime.  For growth - he wants to combine his philosophy of helping agents succeed while striving to provide the best possible customer service possible to the clients we serve.

The Compensation Plan:

Many brokerages in the area are scared to share with you their compensation plan.  Most like to keep it confidential - probably because it sucks!  In the end - the agent ends up working hard for their commission only to have 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50% of it "taken" by the brokerage.  And don't even get started on the ADDITIONAL desk fees, technology fees, E&O fees, etc.  

When Kevin was a REALTOR (before becoming a Broker) , his first split was a 65/35% commission plan which later went to a 70/30% plan.  This would be one of the key factors in Kevin deciding to start his own company - and a commission plan that benefits the agents who work for it! 

The commission plan at 804 Real Estate is simple:  100% commission with NO MONTHLY FEES.  All the agent pays is $299 per transaction along with a $299 annual fee - and that's it!  E&O is covered by the company - so there's no separate bill for that.  Oh - and by the way, commission checks are processed within 24-48 hours after the final paperwork has been received.  No waiting 10-15 days to get your commission checks!

What We Are Looking For:

In addition to having your real estate license, we require the following:

-  At least 1 year of real estate sales experience.

-  Full-time REALTOR who has successfully closed at least 12+ transactions in the past 12 months.

-  SELF STARTER is a must!  In this business, you have to be motivated to be successful

-  Positive and hard work ethic willing to go above and beyond for our buyer/seller clients.

***We are not bringing on any agents that are new to the business or that don't meet minimum experience requirements.***  

Agents - is this a company that you want to come work with - and take your career to the next level?  If so, please fill out the form below for your confidential interview: